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Micuna Sweet Globito Baby Cot w/ Relax System

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The Micuna Sweet Globito Baby Cot is a robust baby cot which is light in appearance. 

The Globito teddy bear appears in the form of a soft elegant drawing which is an ideal cot suitable for any decor. 

The cot base comes with the new patented Relax System, allowing a recline position of 7º to 10º, especially good if your baby suffers from reflux or colds.

The cot also comes with 4 wheels (2 with brakes, all of which are removable), allowing to glide easily around the room. Double simultaneously operated safety lock with blocking device to safeguard the movable ‘raise and lower’ rail of the cot.

Features & Benefits:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Drop-side mechanism
  • 6 base height adjustments
  • Relax system (2 tilt positions - 7° to 10°)

    - Facilitates breathing in case of cold
    - Reduces drowning possibilities caused by vomits
    - Reduces baby wind accumulation
    - Reduces cot death risks

  • 4 wheels, 2 are brakes for added safety
  • Designed and manufactured in Spain
  • Suitable from birth to 3 years
  • FREE 2 Year Local Warranty
  • FREE Delivery & Installation
  • FREE 4" Happy Cot High Density Foam Mattress (Worth S$59)

Material & Color:

  • Lacquered sustainable beech wood 
  • Water-based paint
  • Non-toxic varnish
  • White

    Product Specifications:

    Exterior size: 121cm (D) x 66cm (W) x 98cm (H)
    Interior size: 117cm (L) x 59.5cm (W)
    Safety Certificate: European UNE-EN 716-1/2:2008 (+A1:2013)

    Fits Mattress size:

    • 117cm (L) x 59cm (W)

    Optional Add-ons:

    • Undercot drawer for Micuna basic range baby cot
    • Co-sleeping kit

    Base Height Adjustments (Exclude mattress):

    1. 26cm
    2. 29cm
    3. 36cm
    4. 39cm
    5. 46cm
    6. 49cm