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Baa Baa Sheepz®

Bed-Time Buddy™ Sweet Dreams Baa Baa Grey with Color tag - Jumbo (size 23x53cm)

Bed-Time Buddy™ Sweet Dreams Baa Baa Grey with Color tag - Jumbo (size 23x53cm)

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Baa Baa Sheepz® Bed-Time Buddy™

Innovation in Baa Baa Sheepz® Bed-Time Buddy™

Function + Design

Baa Baa Sheepz® proudly stands as the original creator of the Bed-Time Buddy™. Our unwavering dedication to research, development, and innovation guarantees that each Bed-Time Buddy™ delivers unparalleled comfort and functionality. This commitment to innovation shines through in several key aspects:

1. Material Innovation:
•    Softest Fabric: Bed-Time Buddy™ is crafted from exceptionally soft fabrics designed to enhance comfort and be gentle on the skin. This ensures a soothing touch that is perfect for a good night's sleep and comforting snuggles throughout the day.

•    Ventilation and Safety: The materials used in the Bed-Time Buddy™ are not only breathable but also naturally flame-retardant, ensuring safety without the need for chemical treatments. Adhering to the Oeko-Tex 100 standard, they are free from harmful substances, making them safe for even the most sensitive skin. Additionally, the fabrics are environmentally sustainable, reflecting Baa Baa Sheepz®'s commitment to eco-friendly practices.

2. Design Innovation:
•    Age-Appropriate Sizes: Each size of the Bed-Time Buddy™ is thoughtfully designed to meet the specific needs of different age groups. From the smallest size for newborns to the larger sizes for older children and adults, the dimensions are optimized to provide comfort and security tailored to each stage of life.

•    Signature Features: The Bed-Time Buddy™ includes unique, interactive elements like the signature three flags, which add a playful touch. These features make the Buddy more engaging and enjoyable, especially for young children, transforming it from a simple comfort item into a fun companion.

•    Removable Pillowcase: To facilitate easy cleaning and maintenance, each Bed-Time Buddy™ comes with a removable, washable pillowcase. This design feature ensures that the Bed-Time Buddy™ remains clean and hygienic, offering long-lasting freshness and appeal.

3. Functional Innovation:
•    Versatile Use: The Bed-Time Buddy™ is designed to be a versatile comfort companion. Whether it's used during sleep, as a travel buddy, or as a cuddly friend during daytime activities like watching movies or playing, the Bed-Time Buddy™ provides consistent comfort and companionship.

•    Safety Considerations: Special attention is given to safety features, such as the tag without filler in the small size, ensuring it's safe for babies, especially during the teething stage. This thoughtful design minimizes risks while maximizing comfort.

4. Sustainability and Quality:
•    Natural Properties: The fabric used in the Bed-Time Buddy™ has natural anti-mite and odorless properties, contributing to a healthier and more pleasant sleep environment. These qualities ensure that the Bed-Time Buddy™ remains safe and comfortable for all users.

•    High Standards: Every aspect of the Bed-Time Buddy™ from the choice of fabric to its construction, meets stringent quality standards. This dedication to excellence ensures a durable and reliable product that families can trust.

5. Vacuum-Packed Convenience:
•    Easy Shipping and Handling: The Bed-Time Buddy™ is vacuum-sealed for convenient shipping and handling. This packaging method reduces the product's volume, making it easier to transport and store. While some fluffing may occur due to minor air seepage during transit, it does not affect the quality or comfort of the product.

Baa Baa Sheepz® – the original designer for Bed-Time Buddy™.
The Baa Baa Sheepz® Bed-Time Buddy™ is distinguished not only by its adorable and functional design but also by the innovative approach behind its development. Baa Baa Sheepz®'s commitment to continual research and innovation ensures that the Bed-Time Buddy™ provides exceptional comfort, safety, and joy to users of all ages.

Baa Baa Sheepz® focus on innovation, combined with a deep understanding of our customers' needs, makes Baa Baa Sheepz® a leader in creating beloved bedtime companions. Baa Baa Sheepz® Bed-Time Buddy™ enhance sleep and provide consistent comfort and security, making every night (and day) a happier experience for families around the world.

Material (Buddy & Inner Buddy) 

  • Certified Eco-Friendly Fabric
  • STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® 
  • 95% Viscose (Bamboo)
  • 5% Elastane (Spandex)

Ware & Care


  • Wash The Bed-Time Buddy™ insert separately when needed, removing the casing.
  • Machine wash or hand wash. For extra care, use a laundry bag for machine wash.
  • Machine wash cold, not exceeding 30°C.
  • If hand washing, avoid brushing.
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not dry clean


  • Flat dry in shade for best results.
  • If using a dryer, select a low-heat setting.
  • Ensure The Bed-Time Buddy™ are completely dry before using the product again to prevent mildew or mold growth.
  • Gently knead the Bed-Time Buddy™  insert to break apart any clumps and restore its fluffiness and comfort.
  • Regularly fluff the Bed-Time Buddy™ insert to prevent clumping and maintain its shape and loft over time.

These instructions provide clear guidance for washing and drying The Bed-Time Buddy™, ensuring proper care and maintenance to extend its lifespan and comfort.

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